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Runar Tenfjord

NURBS - Non Uniform Rational B-Splines

This python module is a port of Mark Spink's SCILAB/MATLAB toolbox to python with help of NumPy. As a Naval Architect i often encounter NURBS in my work. Either through CAD or technical calculations. Wanting to learn more about NURBS I searched the web and found quite few codes available for free. Some vere written in C++, witch is not easy accessable for a non professional programmer. Others were very old and difficult to compile. Mark Spink's code on the other hand was much easier. Because of SCILAB is very simlar to NumPy and the toolbox only wrapped a few basic functions in C, this was an easy match.

The module includes:

  • Raw NURBS curves
  • Basic curves like circle, arc, polyline and line.
  • Raw NURBS surfaces.
  • Basic surfaces like extruded, bilinear, revolved, ruled and coons patch.
  • Basic functions like knot insertion, degree raising and transformations.
  • Simple plotting through the DISLIN module.
  • Demos of most features.
  • PyOpenGL demos

Information about Mark Spink's toolbox and more background NURBS information can be found in the sidebar link collection.


For now you can only find the module documentation generated by pydoc in the sidebar


Installation and compilation

See python documentation for Distutils.



All the software is covered by the GPL Version 2 license which is stated in the file 'LICENSE'

Final note

Keep in mind I'm not a professional programmer, but self thaught. The code is almost certain not the fastest or smartest. Feel free to make suggestions and improve the code.